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Technogym - MYRUN

Being fit is in style. We care about what we eat and how we look. Equally important is what equipment we use to work out. The elegant MyRun treadmill, which adapts to the running pace, is the Technogym product - a world-renowned manufacturer of gym and fitness clubs equipment, for which we have conducted a lead generation campaign. What was the starting point? Precise identification of the luxury products purchase cycle since the MyRun treadmill falls within this category. Most of the activities were conducted on-line, however, we introduced an offline incentive element, thus resolving uncertainties associated with purchase of an expensive product. The promotion landing page has been optimized several times following the A/B tests and eyetracking tests. In reaching the right group of people potentially interested in the product, we exploited knowledge and expertise of the SEO/SEM team, who thoroughly segmented and tested various communication channels as well as ad formats. AdWords text ads, image ads, video formats, e-mail marketing, and marketing content activities were driven by one specific goal. Valuable leads.


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