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Pamapol - Spichlerz Rusiecki

Part of cooperation with the Pamapol Group consisting in running communication of the Pamapol and Spichlerz Rusiecki brands on Facebook. Our job was also to manage the Facebook Ads campaign. We presented recipes using the company's products, tips on how to rustle up a delicious dinner and unusual culinary combinations. The same goes for numerous competitions on the board and in competition applications on Facebook. We are the author of a delicious photo session of the meat and pates of the Spichlerz Rusiecki. And we developed the website. Bon Appetit!


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veneo_www2017_portfolio_pamapol_20170908_1 veneo_www2017_portfolio_pamapol_20170908_1
veneo_www2017_portfolio_pamapol_20170908_2 veneo_www2017_portfolio_pamapol_20170908_2
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