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Beautiful and healthy hair is an absolute must! Hairstyles will be best taken care of by Fale Loki Koki Koki, and who best takes care of Fale Loki Koki? Our agency! A network of 77 stores and hairdressing wholesalers offers the highest quality products and professional hairdressing equipment. For such a brand it is just obligatory to have an elegant image, therefore, in order to promote it, we carry out photo shots and care for beautiful graphics on one of the most important social websites - Instagram.


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Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki1_20170901 Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki1_20170901
Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki2_20170901 Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki2_20170901
Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki3_20170901 Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki3_20170901
Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki4_20170901 Veneo_portfolio_falelokikoki4_20170901

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