Graphic creations 

Get the right graphic form to arouse the right emotions! Did you know that ... the first impression is formed within the first 4-5 seconds of the first contact

The graphic image influences the brand's reception. Graphic designiskey across almostall marketing activities.
It is the design that forms the first impression of the advertising communication. It should therefore arouse the intended/strong>for the Brandemotions of the viewer.

When creating graphic designs, we look for unique forms and individual means of their presentation, but at the same time we care about readability and transparency of the marketing communication

Design and graphic arenot without significancealso on the Internet.

It significantly boost the website's chances of success and attractiveness of the web application. It is often the visual reception that determines whether the user immediately closes the website or wants to spend more time on it. The website's professional graphic design should be visually appealing, but in a way that does not divert attention from its content. The design of websites is closely related to WebUsability. The website must be visually interesting, but doing no harm to the functionality. Therefore, the graphic designers cooperate with User Experience and interactive marketing specialists, taking care not only of the creative and original design, but also functionality of the projects. Sometimes it is enough to change the graphical interface in existing web solutions to gain new momentum and a modern look.

As part of design services we design and develop:

  • graphic concepts for marketing campaigns and marketing communication 
  • formats and graphic creations for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads
  • graphic layouts of websites, internet applications and Landing Pages
  • visual identification systems (logos and other elements) – corporate identity
  • promotional and advertising materials
  • other graphic designs