Wisła Kraków

Design of dedicated match shirts for the 2020/2021 season for the Wisła Kraków football club

"Many stories create a single Tshirt" – we were guided by this thought in the creative process when designing matchTshirts for players and supporters of the Wisła Kraków football club. Our task was to develop a design that would symbolically contain the rich history of the club, emphasize its continuity, invoke the tradition, great sporting emotions and the warlike nature of the White Star.

The creative process was followed by the production stage. The outcome of direct design cooperation with the headquarters of the Italian company Macrone are unique T-shirts with a unique number of decorative elements of a quality unprecedented in the Polish league!

A new shirt for a new opening

The oldest football club in Poland opened a new season - and a new chapter in 115 years’ worth of history - with a dedicated shirt, which is a bridge connecting the past with the future, and at the same time an expression of what the White Star stands for!

Strategic and creative approach to the project

When designing dedicated match shirts, we took into account the Client’s key requirements:

  • reference to the rich, 115-year history of the club
  • restrictions in the form of formal requirements for marking T-shirts
  • providing space for a large number of sponsor logos
  • maintaining the communication coherence of the Wisła Kraków brand
  • minimalist approach based on the trends of the largest European clubs
  • meeting expectations of the Wisła community

Wisła football club garments - three sets in the club colours


  • main jersey dedicated to meetings at R22
  • embossed pattern composed of small stars placed on the half of the front of the T-shirt
  • white star as the brightest point


  • a distinguishing feature in the form of the club's crest, the symbol placed on the hearts of the Wisła team, who divided and ruled national and European football pitches, achieving the greatest triumphs of the last decade
  • embossed pattern composed of small stars placed on the half of the front of the T-shirt
  • arranged in order, three-color club colours on the inside labels and in the trims of the sleeves and collar


  • away outfit
  • travel outfit
  • leitmotif – an enlarged monochrome star embossed placed on the front of the T-shirt
  • emphasizing the militant nature of Wisła Kraków - so that the team, especially in foreign territories, always remember to "fight till the end"

Details to build up quality

Collars of all three Tshirts took are V-shaped, which corresponds to the sharp and expressive shapes of the Wisła star. As a tribute to tradition, the historical coat of arms of the Wisła Sports Society has been embossed on the back in all colour versions, in a specially selected micromesh material. In order to honour the contribution of fans, whose large numbers raised funds to rescue the club, placed inside the Thirts was a special silicone tape with the popular slogan "Nigdy nie zginie".

Advertising campaign of dedicated shirts

115 years’ worth of existence, thrilling emotions, solemn moments, great victories, struggle for survival and identity... This new shirt opened not only a new season, but also symbolically a new era in the history of the oldest Polish football club, which is why the premiere of the shirts had a special setting.